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Neck Relax 2 - 2 60 %
Neck Relax 3 - 3 65 %
Neck Relax 4 - 10 70 %



1. Pore refining – compact and refine skin. 2. Reduce blackhead – adjust water oil balance. 3. Slow down aging – the skin is delicate and smooth. 4. Exfoliate – repair soft skin.

★ Anti-aging formula ▶ Skin degrading enzymes thatheip to maintain a youthful look

▶ Lactobionic acid is the third-generation fruit acid, and the BELAY team has under gone many trials and adjustments. The molecular weight of the fruit acid is increased, so that the lactobionic acid can tighten the pores while reducing the discomfort to the skin.

★ Why the Lactobionic acid can be perfect skin care ingredient?

1. Acid-glycol acid easy ☒ Deep skin can also be absorbed but uncomfortable feeling will be larger. 2. Eacid-glucose acid ☒ Mild moisturizing, but slowly skin permeability slowly, effective slow. 3. Three generations acid-lactose acid ☑ Whether mild or moist convergence is better than the previous two generations of acid.


1. Oligo peptide-1 lmprove skin repair ability while also reducedark accumulation helps enhance skin gloss. 2. SODIUM HYALURONATE Deep moisten muscle source and replenish water. Keep it moist. 3. ZHENXUAN 7 PLANTING ESSENCE* Repair and astringent pores. Soothe and brighten skin.

▶ Actual using effect

★ Skin care tips

▶ After cleansing, apply proper amount of liquid intopalm gently pat on face until absorbed or wetcotton pad gently wipe face gently knead till absorption can be absorbed. ▶ Skin care steps: Facial cleansing – Mask – Toner – Liquid stock – Eye nursing

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